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Author: Shawn Chambers


Day of Impact – Save the Date

Early Learning Indiana’s annual Day of Impact brings the community together to address Day Early Learning centers’ immediate needs and ensure children are flourishing.

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Day Nursery Auxiliary

Day Nursery Auxiliary Shows its Appreciation for DEL Educators

The Day Nursery Auxiliary has been supporting Early Learning Indiana and its Day Early Learning centers for over 80 years. Even amid the challenges of COVID-19, the group has not stopped their volunteer work. In the spring of 2020, several Auxiliary members sewed over 100 child-sized masks to be used in DEL centers, and the group hosted its Style Show virtually for the first time in the fall, raising over $20,000.

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Indianapolis Public Library

Unique Stories About U.S. Presidents

There have been a lot of Presidents, more than 40, so there are a lot of oddball traditions and just plain funny stories about their quirky habits! Choose one of these stories to find out behind-the-scenes stories that probably won’t make it on your social studies test!

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What Should you Share with your Children About the Election Process

Every four years, the winner of the United States presidential election is sworn into office on January 20. The date is commonly referred to as Inauguration Day and is landmark day in global politics. The winner of the past November’s presidential election takes the traditional oath of office which is written in to the U.S. Constitution.

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