Grant Opportunities

Because providing high-quality early care and education is always financially challenging, grant funding helps to support this important work. The challenges of COVID-19 have made razor thin margins even tighter and viability more precarious.

Indiana’s early care and education providers are the foundation of our state’s economy and thriving communities. They create a two-generational economic ripple effect, allowing families with children to participate in the workforce while also nurturing the next generation of innovators and workers. The COVID-19 pandemic has put many providers in a precarious position, threatening already razor-thin margins with additional health- and safety-related expenses and declining enrollment. To support our state’s providers and ensure Hoosier families have high-quality child care options, we offer opportunities to apply for funding.

Closing the Gap

Capacity-building grants to increase access to high-quality early learning opportunities

Closing the Gap grants are intended to support communities in addressing their specific local gaps in access to high-quality early learning programs. Solutions should consider access, quality, affordability and choice.

Build, Learn, Grow

Capacity-building grants to increase access to high-quality early learning opportunities

Indiana introduced the Build, Learn, Grow program to maximize its $1 billion in federal relief dollars with the goals of helping to build reliable child care infrastructure, creating new learning opportunities for young students and helping our communities grow. To date, the state has deployed hundreds of millions of dollars in funding, delivering relief to families and helping to stabilize provider’s businesses. While there is still much to do, we are grateful for the involvement and insight of our partners and stakeholders throughout the state who have informed and continue to inform this important work.