Grant Opportunities

Because providing high quality early care and education is always financially challenging, grant funding helps to support this important work. The challenges of COVID-19 have made razor thin margins even tighter and viability more precarious.

Indiana’s early care and education providers are the foundation of our state’s economy and thriving communities. They create a two-generational economic ripple effect, allowing families with children to participate in the workforce while also nurturing the next generation of innovators and workers. The COVID-19 pandemic has put many providers in a precarious position, threatening already razor-thin margins with additional health- and safety-related expenses and declining enrollment. To support our state’s providers and ensure Hoosier families have high-quality child care options, we offer opportunities to apply for funding.

Indiana Cares About Child Care Fund

Child Care COVID-19 Expense Reimbursement Fund

Funding is available to support early care and school-age providers that meet the eligibility criteria.

Come Back Stronger Fund

Grant funds are intended to help providers safely and effectively continue or resume operations and adapt to COVID-19 challenges. Eligible organizations may request support across the categories below. Click here to view the detailed Allowable Expenses document.