Early Learning Educator Solutions

Work-based professional learning programs for early education leaders, teachers and classroom support professionals.

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A New Approach

As a provider of early learning and care, we understand the essential role program leaders, teachers and classroom support professionals play in delivering child outcomes. However, traditional early education preparation models are time-consuming and costly, leaving many committed professionals without practical solutions to advance their careers and increase classroom impact.

Early Learning Educator Solutions changes that. Our programs offer a competency-based, streamlined learning experience that empowers professionals to build their effectiveness in real-time, while decreasing the time to completion. Participants are able to advance their careers while still earning a salary.


Participants begin with a program pre-assessment that measures their existing competency in program topics. Participants are eligible to test out of sections and receive credit for those areas of competency.

Once in the program, gone are the days of separating instructional hours from clock hours. Each Early Learning Educator Solutions program follows the “Explore – Practice – Apply” model, seamlessly integrating instructional content with in-person, real-world application. Participants explore and practice new topics in the online environment and immediately apply their learning in the classroom. And with the help of professional coaches and early learning leaders, participants receive support every step of the way.



Early Learning Educator Solutions is made possible by Early Learning Indiana in partnership with generous supporters. The following partners have funded the program’s development, support ongoing enhancements and offer scholarships to early childhood professionals so they can advance their early education careers and impact their communities.