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Job Summary

The center cook prepares nutritionally balanced, attractive family-style meals for children and staff. Implement menus taking into account the center budget, the foods in season, local availability and state and federal nutritional requirements for children. Keeps an accurate inventory of supplies and orders replacement of supplies as needed.

Essential Functions

  • Prepare, or follow prepared, menus or other directives by Early Learning Indiana to ensure correct amounts and kinds of foods are provided
  • Maintain an inventory of staples on hand; take inventory of freezer, refrigerator, and staples before ordering food
  • Request appropriate amounts of ingredients based on designed menus
  • Check food deliveries against orders
  • Store food appropriately before preparation in refrigerator, freezer, bins, cupboards, etc. (Label & date all items stored in refrigerator, freezer & dry storage.)
  • Keep storeroom orderly and rotate items for freshness.
  • Prepare all foods using methods that maintain food value and freshness
  • Prepare suitable quantity of food following CACFP guidelines so there are neither consistent run-outs, nor excessive leftovers
  • Record amounts of food used daily
  • Wash and sterilize dishes and all utensils according to sanitary regulations
  • Regulate temperature for refrigerators and freezers and report problems with equipment immediately
  • Follow regular cleaning schedule of kitchen and kitchen equipment; assist in special cleaning of kitchen equipment
  • Observe safety rules
  • Prepare foods as needed for parent meetings, receptions, etc.
  • Prepare and deliver food to classrooms; Breakfast – 7:30 a.m., Snack – 9:30 a.m., Lunch – 11:30 a.m., lay out items for p.m. snack.
  • Turn in menus weekly with substitutions noted; turns in invoices immediately to director so can be paid in a timely fashion
  • Adheres to the budget outlined by management



  • Enthusiastic: Shows intense and eager enjoyment and interest
  • Detail Oriented: Capable of carrying out a given task with all details necessary to get the task done well
  • Team Player: Works well as a member of a group
  • Dedicated: Devoted to a task or purpose with loyalty or integrity


  • Job Security: Inspired to perform well by the knowledge that your job is safe
  • Self-Starter: Inspired to perform without outside help
  • Flexibility: Inspired to perform well when granted the ability to set your own schedule and goals

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