Office Manager



The Office Manager is responsible for the oversight, compliance, and day-to-day operation of the center in the absence of the Center Director. The Office Manager is responsible for maintaining child/staff ratios at all times and maintaining accurate financial and enrollment records for the center. The office manager is also the face of the center – responsible for greeting families and guests, answering the phone, providing classroom tours, and assisting families, staff and guests with concerns or questions.


  • Previous experience in a business role requiring frequent interaction with the public and detailed paperwork handling such as a retail store manager or office manager for a doctor’s office.
  • Supervisory experience preferred
  • High school diploma
  • High level of comfort with computers including Microsoft Office products, especially Excel.
  • Detail orientation.
  • Ability to maintain a friendly yet professional demeanor and think quickly in high-pressure situations with angry coworkers or clients.
  • Ability to use good judgment in making business decisions and in deciding when assistance from supervisor is necessary.


  • Serve as initial center contact for parents and visitors via phone and in person.
  • Monitor staff departures to ensure staff are leaving promptly when ratios are met.
  • Monitor staff greetings to children and parents to create friendly, smiling atmosphere for DEL clients.
  • Monitor staff to ensure the needs of the children are met.
  • Replace absentee staff with substitutes to maintain proper staff/child ratios. Consults with Director and/or Office Manager when necessary to accomplish this task, and assists in rooms as needed to meet proper ratios.
    •    Accept phone calls from absentee teachers, keep list of calls, times, reasons for absence and turn into Director
    •    Contact substitute personnel using part-time personnel and substitute list, or call in late staff to come earlier.
  • Answer questions of parents or visitors concerning the center.
  • Assist parents if there is a problem with a teacher or a procedure, etc., and refer problems in writing to the Center Director.
  • Oversee enrollment process, including tours, required paperwork, and maintaining the CRM database.
  • Assist in collecting fees from families, including processing Insta-Charges on demand for families, as well as reminding families who still owe, and excluding families who are more than 2 weeks behind.
  • Assist in assuring POS times for parents on CCDF are input correctly and timely. Remind CCDF clients to swipe daily if more than 1 day behind.
  • Refer problems with staff to the Center Director.
  • Monitor classroom sign-in sheets and Life Cubby.
  • Monitor classroom use of Life Cubby
  • Ensure compliance with all FSSA, CACFP, NAEYC, and ELI guidelines and policies.
  • Exclude children from care based on communicable disease policy.


Preferred Behaviors:
  • Enthusiastic: Shows intense and eager enjoyment and interest
  • Team Player: Works well as a member of a group
  • Leader: Inspires teammates to follow them
  • Detail Oriented: Capable of carrying out a given task with all details necessary to get the task done well
Preferred Motivations:
  • Flexibility: Inspired to perform well when granted the ability to set your own schedule and goals
  • Work-Life Balance: Inspired to perform well by having ample time to pursue work and interests outside of work
  • Self-Starter: Inspired to perform without outside help
  • Ability to Make an Impact: Inspired to perform well by the ability to contribute to the success of a project or the organization
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