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Topics and Updates

New HSA Wellness Contributions in 2021

You have a new HSA wellness contribution waiting for you in 2021! Our Talk To Your Doc program is active again in 2021. When you go to your doctor for your annual checkup, have them fill out the form located here and fax it to the number at the bottom of the form. Once our partners at First Person notify us that you have submitted the form, we deposit $250 into your HSA on the following pay. You have until Nov. 30 to do this, so don’t wait! 

Wait Time for Glasses Reset

Don’t forget! Now that we are using Principal for vision insurance, the clock has been reset on your wait time to get new glasses, lenses or contacts. If you’ve been waiting until later this year to get something new, you can go right now! To access your insurance online, go to and click Log In on the top right. From there, click Create Account and follow the steps to create and log in to your account. To find a vision provider near you, go to 

New Employee Assistance Program

Did you know? Now that we are partnered with Principal for insurance, you have access to a new Employee Assistance Program. You can use this service to get help with things like financial planning, grief aid, wellness, mental health and much more. To use it, go to and click “Find My Company | Log In”. Then click Log In on the next screen and click Sign Up to create an account. Under Company Name, type “Principal Core.”  From there, you can call the phone number at the top of the screen to make use of counseling services or search their database for topics. All team members can use this service, even if they aren’t enrolled in any benefits offered with ELI.  


Don’t forget telemedicine! Team members enrolled in our medical plan can use a telemedicine program called LiveHealth Online to talk to a doctor 24/7 from a smartphone, tablet or computer. The wait time is about 20 minutes and it only costs $59. LiveHealth Online doctors can treat most acute and everyday issues, and if they can’t help you, you won’t be charged. To sign up go to and make an account. One you log in, just choose the care you want and the doctor you want to see.  

New Dental Insurance

Our dental insurance network has changed. Principal’s new dental insurance will cover you for in-network and out-of-network coverage, but you will save money by going to an in-network dentist. Find an in-network dentist or check to see if your dentist is in-network using Principal’s find-a-dentist tool here. 

Dental Plan Rollover

Our new dental plan has a rollover. If you are on our dental insurance plan, each year that you have less than $625 in dental expenses, Principal will reward you for taking good care of your teeth by rolling over $313 into your $1250 annual maximum for the following year. They will do this up to four years in a row. You have to use your insurance to get this benefit, so don’t forget to see your dentist in 2021! 

Change HSA Contributions

You can change your HSA contribution at any time. Remember that your bi-weekly payroll HSA contribution can be changed to meet your needs. Have a medical bill you need to pay off? Increase your contribution to help make pre-tax payments. Need to lower your contribution? You can do that too. Contact the Talent Experience team at to make changes.