A Reimagining:

Uniting the early learning sector to transition temporary federal funds into systemic impact.

As Indiana receives more than $1 billion to help our state’s early care and education sector recover and rebuild from the pandemic, we have an opportunity to reimagine the child care field for the future.

Over the last 18 months, Indiana’s early childhood education providers have served a critical need.

Many providers opened their doors wider when things were shutting down; they cared for the children of first responders and frontline workers so they could go to work. Child care workers served as teachers, caregivers, counselors and friends to those who needed them; and are helping children recover from learning loss and prepare for kindergarten.

And now more than ever, the public understands the critical role we play in a thriving society. 

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"While we didn’t want this to be the way the universe gained clarity about the importance of early care and education, we're glad we're here."

Maureen Weber

President & CEO, Early Learning Indiana