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Early Learning Outcomes: A Parent’s Perspective

Day Early Learning parent, Shauna Wagner, shares her perspective on the importance of high-quality early learning.

The audience at The Brain Advantage: Boosting Brain Growth from Birth to Three had the special opportunity of hearing a heartfelt testimonial from Day Early Learning parent, Shauna Wagner.

Shauna shared her perspective on the importance of high-quality early learning experiences and the impact it has had on her and her two sons, Elijah and Chance.

Shauna began her journey with Day Early Learning three years ago when she enrolled her eldest son, Elijah, in our Day Early Learning pre-K program.

Shauna described how lucky she felt when Elijah’s name was picked from a lottery for an On My Way Pre-K scholarship. Others weren’t as fortunate and did not receive scholarship assistance.

A newly-single mother at the time, the scholarship enabled Shauna to go back to work and eventually start her own small business.

“I began to explore other options and thought about hiring a babysitter to cut costs, but after seeing the amazing results in Elijah’s progress at Day Early Learning I did not want to put him in a lower-quality program.”

“Because of our experience I don’t see pre-K as a luxury, rather I see it as an essential beginning to my children’s education. I can confidently say my family has been positively changed and encouraged forever. Because it’s 100% clear and true that success starts early.”

Elijah, a proud graduate of Day Early Learning, now attends an IPS Montessori school. Chance currently attends our Day Early Learning Lilly Family Center.

Today, Shauna is a passionate advocate for access to high-quality early care and education and proud small business owner.

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