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Meet ‘The Triplets,’ whose lifelong friendship began at Day Early Learning

Claire Davis, Morgan Watkins and Caroline Mages can’t remember life without each other. The three women met in the infant room at Day Early Learning Federal Building in 2000, where their similar blonde hair color quickly earned them the nickname ‘the triplets.’ The girls remained Day Early Learning classmates for several years before their paths diverged — but two decades later, their friendship remains. We sat down with them — now at the age of 24 — to talk about their time at Day Early Learning and where they are today.


Favorite memories from your time at Day Early Learning?

Claire: What I remember most is how much the teachers loved and cared for us. All these years later, there are still teachers who have reached out to check on me. Ms. Jill sticks out as a teacher who went above and beyond for us. I am forever grateful for the lasting friendships I made.


Caroline: My fondest memories are of the tricycle race before the Indy 500 and being wheeled outside in strollers to watch the St. Patrick’s Day parade. My friendship with Claire and Morgan is definitely the biggest thing I remember from my time at Day Nursery.

Morgan: I have been told a lot of memorable stories from my time there! Apparently, my mom tried to take home the wrong kid one day. We looked so much alike that she snagged either Caroline or Claire and only questioned it when she realized they were wearing a different outfit than what she had put on me that morning. We love to laugh about that story. We also had a great relationship with the two security guards that let us into the parking garage each day. They were always so friendly to the kids in the morning.


What makes your friendship special?

Claire: Early in our friendship, it was easy to stay connected because our moms also became friends and got us together often. As we got older and went off to separate schools, we made a point to celebrate birthdays, holidays and graduations together. Caroline was the best at keeping the three of us together. She always had the most elaborate birthday parties so there are many fun memories there. The beauty of our friendship is that no matter how long we are apart, we are always able to pick right back up where we left off.


Caroline: The most special thing about our friendship is how deeply rooted it is; we’ve been part of each other’s lives for almost 24 years. We have the kind of friendship that stands the test of time. They’ve known me at every stage of life, which is very rare. We have a connectedness that is not easily explained or described. I couldn’t imagine my life without them.


We’ve shared so many great memories over the years. I distinctly remember in high school when I was able to see Morgan at a cross country meet and then attend a Notre Dame football game with Claire the same day. Time together at that point in our lives was rare, so it was special to see them both on the same day. Now when we get together, we usually go out to lunch or dinner and catch up on each other’s lives.


Morgan: Our moms took us to shows and lunches together, set us up on play dates, coordinated birthday parties and sleepovers and summer camps. We had a lot of fun traditions like making gingerbread houses at Christmas. Even though we went off to different colleges far apart from each other and now live in different parts of the state, we have continued to call and text each other and get together a few times a year. I loved reflecting on my life with my two friends from birth. Not a lot of people have that, so I feel very lucky to have Caroline and Claire.


Claire graduated from Marietta College with a degree in political science then returned to her hometown of Fishers. She is currently substitute teaching and enjoying the flexibility to travel and explore, including a solo trip to Hong Kong in 2023. Morgan lives in Lafayette and is studying veterinary medicine at the Purdue College of Veterinary Medicine, preparing to enter her clinical year. Caroline earned a degree in early education from St. Mary’s College and currently lives in Indianapolis, teaching second grade at her alma mater, Little Flower Catholic School.


According to Morgan, the triplet friendship was meant to be. “We are three very different people who probably would not have found each other if it weren’t for the Day Early Learning center, and now we are friends for life. We were all born exactly one month and one day apart. I like to think that our friendship was written in the stars.”

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