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A Pumpkin Rhyme

Artwork by Madison, Day Nursery Clarian Center
Artwork by Madison, Day Nursery Clarian Center

Teaching young children to rhyme is an excellent way to prepare them to read.  Playing with words, sounds and rhymes is an important part of how we teach language development at Day Nursery. This learning component is part of the Creative Curriculum we use and is in line with the Indiana Foundations for Young Children as outlined by the Indiana Department of Education Academic Standards. Here’s a great little fall poem to teach your child.  It comes from Education World’s Early Childhood Education e-newsletter.  I subscribe to their monthly newsletter to gather ideas for the Day Nursery teachers.  There is no reason you, as a parent, couldn’t subscribe yourself.  You’ll find a lot of fun activities to do with your child. Here’s the link

Pick a pumpkin, (kids bend over to pick)
Take out the seeds,
Cut out a smile,
What else does it need? (giving thought, finger to side of head)

Cut out a nose (point to nose)
And some eyes, too. (point to eyes)
In goes a light…
He’s grinning at you! (kids say last line in unison)

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