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Adapting to the times

This is me as seen by my daughterHello and welcome to the Day Nursery Association of Indianapolis blog.  We’ve been educating the youngest children of central Indiana for over 110 years and thought it was about time to catch up with technology and offer this blog as a new way of communicating with our parents and supporters.  My name is Susan Davis and I am the Director of Marketing for Day Nursery.  I will be the coordinator for this site.  My first experience with Day Nursery was as a customer.  Two of my children are Day Nursery grads.  While my children were enrolled, I began volunteering for the organization through the Day Nursery Auxiliary.  I have been working for Day Nursery for the past eight years.  I guess I have come full circle.  i will be the coordinator for this blog but it will be written as a team effort. You will be hearing from many of the early childhood education experts in our agency.  With nearly 200 employees–we have a lot of early childhood knowledge draw from.


  1. My what a lovely blog. Clean and sharp. Nice links and not fussy.

  2. Susan,
    I am really looking forward to this endeavor. It does not surprise me that once again, Day Nursery is a step ahead, with regard to information sharing and communication about the education of our children. Way to go DN! Thanks! 🙂

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