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Baby It’s Cold Outside

Artwork by Madison from the Day Nursery Federal Center
Artwork by Madison from the Day Nursery Federal Center

Parents often ask what guidelines we use to decide if it is an appropriate temperature for Day Nursery children to go outside and get some fresh air and exercise.   For the answer, I turned to Day Nursery’s Director of Curriculum and Accreditation, Patty Fisher who never has the state child care licensing guidelines out of her sight.  She was quick to quote the state guidelines which say that a licensed child care center must provide daily opportunities for children to use large muscle skills, learn about outdoor environments and express themselves freely and loudly, except when the severity of the weather poses a safety hazard, the wind-chill temperature is below twenty-five (25)degrees Fahrenheit,or there is a health related reason documented by a parent or physician for a child to remain indoors. (For a period exceeding three consecutive days a physician’s note is required.) Don’t you just love the “freely and loudly” part of that guide? You don’t have to look at the wind chill chart to know that today is too cold to go outside. But be assured that our children will be playing “freely and loudly” inside today, because we know that is an important part of growing up.

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