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Bring it on Saints, Day Nursery is ready for New Orleans

If you have followed the blog these past few weeks, you know we have had a lot of fun and made new friends in Baltimore and NY/NJ thanks to some friendly football wagers.  I am happy to report that we have received our “winnings” from both the Ravens and Jets fans and I am working on getting some pictures of our prizes being distributed in the centers.  In the meantime, I have connected with a great child care center in New Orleans and they have agreed to our next wager.  The Royal Castle Child Development Center is located in Orleans parish.  Like many child care centers in that area, they suffered extensive damage during Hurricane Katrina.  This year they are celebrating 15 years of serving the community and they are grateful to Saints quarterback Drew Brees and his family foundation for helping get them back on their feet after Katrina.  While researching who might be interested in a friendly Colts-Saints wager, I found Pearlie Harris and her center.  Like Indiana, Louisiana has a child care rating system.  When I saw that Royal Castle Child Development Center was a four star center, I knew I was on the right track.  Then I watched a video about this center and I knew we had a match. Pearlie and I immediately hit it off on the phone and she was quick to accept my Super Bowl wager.  The winner will receive 5 of the losers favorite preschool books.  Pearlie joked that I better get my list ready because her team was going to win. I promised her we were going to put up a good fight and here are a few pictures of our Day Nursery team spirit submitted today by the staff and children of our Start Smart 4 Children center at Ft. Harrison.  Teachers Theresa Gilliam, Nicole Dorsch and Kim Townsend did a great job of decorating the lobby.  Hopefully you can see the detail that went into the life-size football players on the window as well as the very shiny trophy they crafted. This center has openings for preschool children so call Director Debra Ballard if you are interested in enrolling your child.  She can be reached at 377-7015.

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