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Center Celebrates 5 Years of Best-In-Class Infant and Toddler Care

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Day Early Learning Center for Infants & Toddlers celebrates 5 year anniversary.

A child’s mind and body are impacted by what happens in the first years of life. Five years ago, many donors acted on this truth and invested in the creation of a center dedicated to serving infants and toddlers. Donors gave generously not only out of kindness but also wisdom – knowing how important the early years are to a child.

Since the opening of the Center for Infants & Toddlers, nearly 200 children have been carried through the doors to play, learn, and explore a curious world under the watchful and responsive eyes of committed teachers. Thank you to donors who made this possible.

“Early Learning Indiana was the first and only center in town focused on infants and toddlers,” said Carolyn Dederer, former President of Early Learning Indiana. “The concept is great — it gives families a small start before they move onto a larger center.”

In partnership with the United Way of Central Indiana and local businesses, Early Learning Indiana began the process of creating the Day Early Learning Center for Infants & Toddlers in 2013. As the West side experienced revitalization, a building on 16th Street was donated to Early Learning Indiana by Howard Foltz and remodeled into a state-of-the-art early education center. Several donors, understanding the importance of providing high-quality early education to a community in transition, made significant contributions towards this project.

The Day Early Learning Center for Infants & Toddlers was designed to serve as a training site for modernized instruction in infant-toddler best practices. The center has strengthened the skills of teachers specializing in infant-toddler development throughout Day Early Learning.

The unique structure of the Center for Infants & Toddlers creates a warm and safe environment for our youngest learners. Leading the way in best practices for early care, this center was among the first in the city to embrace the principals of conscious discipline, which integrates classroom management with social-emotional learning, and one of the first Day Early Learning centers to launch LifeCubby, an online parent communication tool which allows teachers to document each child’s daily activities and development. This center is supported by an Early Head Start Childcare Partnership grant which means additional family support and engagement and coordinated health services are provided.

Early Learning Indiana is grateful to be part of the revitalization of Indianapolis’ near westside. High-quality early care and education continues to transform the landscape of communities through the state. Through innovative ideas, embracing best practices and investment by donors, Early Learning Indiana is ensuring that children throughout Indiana will have the opportunity for the highest level of early care and education. When we invest in high-quality programs like the Center for Infants & Toddlers, we are helping each child develop skills that beget skills, leading to a lifetime of learning and productivity.

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