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Consistent, Nurturing and Innovative: One Teacher’s Drive for Improvement


Infant teacher Heather Mitchell shares her experience at the Center for Infants & Toddlers.

Connecting with families, creating a dynamic classroom culture and cultivating curious children are reasons that Heather Mitchell loves working at Day Early Learning Center for Infants and Toddlers.

Heather has been with the center since it opened five years ago and she currently serves as the lead teacher in an infant classroom. Heather enjoys being part of a team that is a leader in the field.

“We prioritize the safety of the children we care for, while meeting each child’s developmental needs,” says Heather. “Our curriculum allows us to see where a child is, determine their next steps and create a clear path for where we want them to be.”

Since Heather began her career in the early education field, she has been part of the change to a more comprehensive curriculum, improved child observation methods and advanced developmental tracking for children. One reason that she feels that the center is a forerunner in early care is because of its focus on teacher development. Coaching and training are essential to ensuring a teacher is developing to implement new methods and practices. This ultimately serves each child better.

“We were among some of the first centers that implemented Conscious Discipline,” says Heather. She gives the example of when a young child had a tantrum and rolled on the floor, she rolled on the floor with him to show him what he was doing. The young child was both surprised and amused, but the behavior stopped.

Heather graduated with a bachelor’s degree in family and child with a minor in interpersonal relations. Earlier this year, she completed the master teacher program. She has two children who attend Day Early Learning centers.

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