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Congratulations to the 2015 Kathy Klatte Award Winner!

Kathy Klatte was a well-loved staff member who passed away in 2009. Kathy was a part of our organization for 24 years as a teacher, center director, and a member of the senior management team. Throughout her tenure here her greatest joy was seeing teachers succeed in their work. She helped them, nurtured them, and encouraged them to be better and greater. The Kathy Klatte Award for Professional Development is awarded annually to an outstanding Day Early Learning teacher who exemplifies Kathy’s dedication to early childhood education. The Award also includes a $250 scholarship that allows early childhood education professionals to take advantage of professional development opportunities and will help them further their skills in the field.

Each year since 2009 the Center Directors are asked to nominate the one teacher from his/her center whose performance has stood out during the past year over all others, and to identify the reasons for selection.  Each teacher nominated is then observed by the Director of Curriculum and Instruction using a specialized tool measuring relationships, classroom/curriculum, and professionalism.  The nomination forms and observation tools are then submitted to an anonymous panel of Early Childhood Education Professionals for review, and a winner is selected.

Congratulations to all who were nominated! Your work makes Early Learning Indiana great! The 2015 nominees were:
· Ina Boteva from Day Early Learning Federal Building
· Teresa Carter from Day Early Learning at Fort Harrison
· Jenifer Martin from IU Health Day Early Learning
· Shelby Norman from Day Early Learning Center for Infants & Toddlers
· Sherri Shidler from IU Health West Day Early Learning

Congratulations to the 2015 Kathy Klatte Award Winner, Sherri Shidler from our IU Health West Day Early Learning center! Her Center Director, Matt Miller, identified that Sherri is a team player, and often takes time to help others prepare their classrooms to meet our requirements.  She is always willing to talk with our younger teachers and help them improve.  Sherri strives to continue to excel in her position.  She is constantly on the prowl for new trainings that could help her develop.  She is one of the only teachers Matt has ever met who comes back from each and every training and actually implements something she’s learned.  Sherri and Matt have worked together over the past few years to improve her classroom management skills and take her lesson planning to the next level. She continues to work hard at improving in all areas of teaching.

Congratulations to Ms. Sherri, and a sincere thank you for all that she, and all of teachers, do for children each day!

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  1. Wow! Way to go, Sherri! We are so fortunate to have you as a teacher and caregiver at Day Early Learning. Your commitment and and dedication to our children and your fellow staff members means so much. We love you! Thanks for all that you do!

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