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Day Nursery Foundation Board President issues sports challenge

Lloyd Lyons, the board president of the Day Nursery Foundation loves a good challenge.  When I told him Helena Branch,  President of the Board of Trustees from the Community Day Nursery in East Orange NJ had posted a comment on this blog about her prediction for the outcome of the Colts-Jets game this Sunday, he quickly jumped in with an idea.  “It’s one thing to talk football,” he said.  “Let’s talk about which one of our organizations is better at turning this game into a fundraising opportunity for their organization.”  Because Day Nursery children are a bit too small to join a football team, Lloyd (and his wife Wendy!) are offering to match donations up to $500 to help fund scholarships for our students to enroll in Crouching Tigers health and personal safety classes offered through Day Nursery Indianapolis.   If you would like to root for Team Day Nursery Indy, you can show your support by visiting our website.  Please note that your donation is part of the Colts Challenge in the special instructions section of the form.

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