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Day Nursery students participate in statewide tornado drill

This morning at 10:15 we had a statewide tornado drill.  School children all over Indiana filed into hallways, bathrooms and interior rooms to practice what they would do if the siren sounded for real.  We participated at Day Nursery too and I wanted to share some pictures I have already received from Joy McCallthe director of our Avon Early Care and Education Center in Hendricks County.  She was quite proud of how smoothly today’s drill went at her center.  There will be another drill tonight when most families will be at home.  This will be a good opportunity to practice your family plan so your young children will know the safest place for them to be in your home during severe weather.

Ms. Marla kept her two-year old students busy during the tornado drill by showing them the flashlight in her emergency kit. A good classroom emergency box has safety supplies like a small first aid kit as well as books and supplies to keep children occupied and calm during the time they have to be out of the classroom.
The infants were wheeled in their evacuation crib to the resource room which has no windows
The Toddler Two class moved into the staff lounge for their evacuation.
Preschool 3 evacuated to their bathroom when they practiced their safety position by covering their faces.

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