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Egg cartons support learning

egg carton illustrationIf you hate to throw away eggs cartons but don’t know what to do with the stack you have stashed in your closet, here are a few ideas to support your young child’s learning courtesy of NAEYC’s Teaching Young Children magazine .

Blocks: Close and tape shut many cartons. Voila! You have a set of giant blocks.

Sorting containers: Provide lots of objects to sort by color, shape, size or texture.  Children can put like objects in each cup.  Offer tweezers to build small muscles and coordination.  Make sure objects cannot be swallowed.

Lost and Found center: Provide cartons without lids to collect stray pieces from games or puzzles.  If something is missing from a game or puzzle, children can look for it in the lost and found carton.

Measuring Tool: Cut a carton in half lengthwise to make two rows of six cups.  Have your child tape rows end to end to make a long row of 12 cups.  Use it to measure areas in your house and outdoors.

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