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Firetruck cookie

Fire Safety Week Snack Oct 9 09 I wanted to share with you the snack that our Day Nursery Hendricks County Center cook, Ms. Chris Whittaker made for National Fire Prevention Week.  It is a graham cracker topped with icing and decorated like a fire truck.  The wheels are cookies. This was a special occasion and I don’t want you to think this is the average snack for our children.  A more typical snack might be cottage cheese and fruit or a home baked muffin.  Yesterday the snack was a tortilla with cheese.  I heard a report that when Miss Chris delivered the lunch carts yesterday, she was dressed as a fireman.  Miss Chris and Miss Grace our cooks at our Avon center always goes the extra mile for the children.  This week Miss Chris had 80 fire trucks riding down the extra mile with her.

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