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Friday Feature: Day Nursery Federal Center

DSCN4165The Day Nursery Federal Center is located at 575 N. Pennsylvania Street in the Minton Capehart Federal Building.  You don’t have to be a Federal employee to use this location. Like all of our centers, it is open to the public. The Day Nursery Federal Center accepts children ages 6 weeks through 6 years however the center currently only has openings for 3 and 4 year olds. Day Nursery has operated the child care center in the Federal Building since 1991. It is one of three downtown Day Nursery locations. Sarah Parks is the Center Director and Brandi Burns is the Office Manager.  You can contact the center at 226-5487 or

Last week was Market Day Week at Day Nursery and Miss Sarah sent me some pictures of Matt the Urban Farmer visiting the Federal Center. Farmer Matt brought several kinds of cucumbers with him for the children to taste.Shannon__Ethanial Miss Sarah shared a Pre-K girlconversation she overheard at the end of the day when Ethaniel, one of the children in the preschool classroom was being picked up. “I heard him tell his mother that the farmer who came to see his class today told them they could buy fresher vegetables at the farmer’s market instead of the grocery store, so Ethanial was asking if they could start doing that.”

Here is a picture of the Pre-K enjoying their pizza party for having all 19 parent surveys returned.  We had 3 classroom winners who all won $75 worth of early learning materials picked out by their teachers, and a special pizza Pre-K enjoying Pizza Party earned for returning entire classes' parent surveyparty . Other classrooms were Preschool 1 and Infants.  Speaking of the parent survey, here are some comments from the Day Nursery Federal Center parents:

His vocabulary is ever increasing and he is willing to try new things. He is able to adapt to changes rather easily and his love for reading is encouraged.

My son is typically very shy around new people and was not very vocal when he first came to Day Nursery. After a year he has really opened up and is much more out going. 

On our way home from day care, my daughter is so excited to tell me the things she’s learned for the day… we sing new songs that she learned and I have a chance to experience the joy and development of my first child’s learning experience.

Snapping_green_beansFinally the Pre-K snapped green beans last week brought in from Ms. Shirley’s garden at home.  (They had a garden of their own, but the 2 1/2 year olds that share the playground with them tried to “help” their garden grow by stirring it up–which everyone learned is not an approved technique for successful farming.)



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