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Friday Fun: Preschoolers conduct messy experiment

100_0580Thought I would share this email and photo I just received from Marti Thiery who is the Assistant Director at the Day Nursery State Government Center. 

Tim Tegarden and Connie Anderson in Preschool 5  had an experiment today.  They used a 2 liter of Diet Coke and Mentos candy.  They asked the kids what would happen if they put the Mentos in the Diet Coke.  I could hear the kids squealing with absolute delight all the way down in my office.  They made a huge mess (Tim cleaned it up) but they had a blast.  They learned about chemical reactions and cause and effect.   They repeated the same experiment outdoors.   Notice Connie’s “rain gear”.  She was unaware of the outcome of the experiment.  It was priceless!

Hope you don’t need any rain gear this weekend!  Have a good one!


  1. I am thrill to receive this messagebut I did not see any of children in the pictures.

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