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FULLBEAUTY Brands Volunteers Delight Little Learners

FULLBEAUTY Brands commits to giving back to communities where they operate and where their customers live.

Fortunately for us, they are located near the heart of downtown Indianapolis.

Their annual carnival demonstrates their generosity. This summer, FULLBEAUTY Brands invited our Day Early Learning children, along with children from their neighborhood, to this elaborate celebration. They transformed their workspace into a lively carnival atmosphere. Employees dressed in costume as they read stories, played games and danced with the children. They took them through a petting zoo and played with them in various play zones and bounce houses. The day ended with a fun-filled lunch and every child took home a backpack – certainly a day to remember!

“FULLBEAUTY Brands has been committed to the Indianapolis community since the 1940s, and has been passionately engaged with accelerating the improvement of early childhood education for over ten years,” says Chip Edgington, Executive Vice President of Operations at FULLBEAUTY Brands and Early Learning Indiana board member, “The efforts of our team has been particularly focused on the inner-city neighborhoods and we have valued our relationship with ELI greatly and continue to appreciate their partnership in improving the lives of children.”

We are grateful for the tremendous effort FULLBEAUTY Brands’ employees invest in our community’s youngest children and the various projects of Early Learning Indiana. They are a fundamental part of our volunteer corps.

What’s up next for FULLBEAUTY Brands? They are helping to remove an older infant playground and supporting the installation of a new one at IU Health Day Early Learning center. Thank you for all that you do for our children!

FULLBEAUTY Brands, headquartered in New York City, has an Indianapolis fullfillment center and corporate support function, and the company is known and trusted as the authority on plus size fashion and fit.

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