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Policy Brief: Indiana Can Increase Access to High-Quality Pre-K by Maximing Funding Streams

It will take more than stretching dollars and pinching pennies to bring high-quality pre-K to Hoosier families, a new report from Early Learning Indiana finds.

In its latest “Mile Marker” policy brief, Early Learning Indiana explores ways to “layer” various public, private and philanthropic dollars in order to improve program quality and give more children, especially low-income children, access to high-quality programs.

Specifically “Mile Markers: Layering Funding to Maximize Pre-K Opportunities” explains how to layer funds, examines what other states are doing and makes 10 policy recommendations including improving collaboration and coordination, increasing awareness, and developing new tools and resources to encourage the layering of funding.

Funded through a grant from the Joyce Foundation, this is the fourth in a series of policy briefings reviewing challenges and opportunities surrounding Indiana’s On My Way Pre-K program.  It supplements “On the Road to Pre-K Expansion” report, which Early Learning Indiana released in June. The full briefing can be viewed here and additional reports can be viewed here.

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