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Happy Birthday Jan Brett


Today is the birthday of the beloved author and illustrator Jan Brett. With over thirty three million books in print, Jan Brett is one of the nation’s foremost author illustrators of children’s books.  If you click on the hedgehog artwork to the left, you can visit her website and explore the 4,691 pages(!!) of free activities, coloring pages, and projects.  Her newest book is called Gingerbread Friends and will surely be a favorite this holiday season.  I love picking out a special holiday book each year to add to our family library.  Over the years I have built up small libraries for Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween and Easter.  Each book is dated and inscribed with a note written to my son or daughter which mentions how old they were when they received the book.  If the book came from an aunt or grandparent, I made sure the gift-giver added a personal note.  Now my son is a HS senior so his books are being enjoyed by his third grade sister along with the books she has received over the years.  She enjoys reading the personal notes inside the cover as much as she does reading the books. After each holiday passes, the books are packed away until next year. When my children are grown and start their own families, I will be happy to move my holiday library to a new location and continue our family tradition.

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