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If you have child care questions…

Cathy of Child Care Answers
Cathy of Child Care Answers

If you have child care questions, we have CHILD CARE ANSWERS.  Child Care Answers is a community outreach program of Day Nursery.  At Day Nursery, we know we can’t accommodate every child who needs early care and education at our seven locations so we offer a free service to assist parents and grandparents find child care.  Our resource and referral staff covers Marion, Hendricks, Hamilton and Johnson counties.  Last week, Cathy Sparks, one of our two referral specialists took a call from a grandfather in Ft. Wayne who wanted to help his son, who lives in the Indy area, find care for his children.  Cathy spent a great deal of time with this man making sure she answered all his questions.  A little while later, after she hung up the phone, the man called Cathy back and said he would like to talk to her supervisor.  If you are in customer service, no matter how well you know you do your job, that kind of request makes your heart skip a beat.  Well it turns out that he called to praise Cathy and the assistance Child Care Answers gave his family.  He was so delighted in the service that he pledged to make a regular contribution to the United Way of Central Indiana which Day Nursery has been a member of for over 90 years!  If you have child care questions, please call our experts at Child Care Answers at 631-4643 or visit the website at

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