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Inauguration Day Menu

200px-flag_of_the_united_states_svgToday’s menu is brought to you by the letter “O.” In honor of Inauguration Day, Day Nursery will be serving a few of President Obama’s favorites. Patty Fisher, our Director of Curriculum and Accreditation is also responsible for overseeing our menus to make sure they are healthy, age-appropriate, within budget and in compliance with the federal food program (not an easy job!!) She shared with me that his morning’s snack is a bagel (shaped like the letter “O” ) with cream cheese and red and blue fruit to add patriotic colors to today’s theme. Lunch will be Teriyaki Chicken, Asian blend vegetables, white rice and pears to salute the President’s favorite type of food–Chinese. This afternoon’s snack will be tuna salad on a cracker using the president’s recipe which includes Grey Poupon mustard, mayonnaise and chopped gherkins.  In addition to using this menu to fuel the student’s bodies, the teachers will be using today’s menu theme to fuel their minds.  The lessons from today’s Inauguaral menu are in line with the Indiana Department of Education Foundations to the Indiana Academic Standards for Young Children from Birth to Age 5.  Included today will be foundations in Number Sense (President Obama is our 44th President), Civics and Government and Science (talking about the temperature in Washington DC today and our temperature here at home).

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