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Life Long Learners

Erin Unger leads new Day Nursery employees through their first day of training.
Erin Unger leads new Day Nursery employees through their first day of training.

At Day Nursery, we think of ourselves as life-long-learners.  Because we are in the business of educating the youngest children of Indianapolis, we have to stay up to date on our education too.  When we hire a new employee, they start down a new educational path. Yesterday I stopped by the conference for a moment to snap a picture of this process in action.  We had three new employees in the training class this week.
The New Employee Training consists of a total of 8 hours.  In the first 2 hours, new employees are given overview of Day Nursery’s benefit plans and policies. The remainder of the time is spent covering Licensing Regulations, Mealtimes, Rest Time, Developmentally Appropriate Practice, Interest Areas (or Learning Centers), and Creative Curriculum. Additionally staff are introduced to our on-line training modules (some of which are completed in class, the remainder are completed as a Self-Study course). These modules cover Developmentally Appropriate Practice, Code of Ethics, Parent Communication, Health & Hygiene, Child Abuse, SIDS, Outdoor Safety, and Supporting Appropriate Choices. Once the employee is working in the center they start on-going training throughout the year consisting of a combination of trainings to meet the state required 12 hours of additional education.  This includes CPR/First aid and blood borne pathogens training annually; our staff trainings/conferences and finally the training done at the center level by the Center Director such as parent communications, lesson plans, daily interactions.

Day Nursery salutes our staff of nearly 200 life-long-learners.

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