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A New ‘Day’ for Early Learning

After 115 years of serving the children and families of central Indiana with high-quality child care and preschool, Day Nursery Association has changed its name. “Early Learning Indiana” represents the new vision for our mission and for the state of Indiana. Parents of children who attend one of our Day Early Learning centers know we are more than just “day care.” Early childhood programs have the important job of providing safe care and supervision for young children while their parents are at work, but our obligation is much greater now. Research about the young developing brain and the long-term impact high-quality early childhood education can have on a child’s future makes our job all the more important. Children who come to our centers are not just being cared for. They are active and engaged in learning every day. We work with families every day to establish a foundation for lifelong learning.

Our mission is to ensure that EVERY young child in Indiana has access to high-quality early childhood education. This means that we must also look beyond the walls of our ten Day Early Learning centers. We have to build on our outreach programs, like Child Care Answers, that assist other child care providers and preschool programs in their efforts to improve quality. Child Care Answers helps other programs build capacity, engage parents and educate their teachers. Thanks to a new grant from the Lilly Endowment, we are now taking this work statewide. We believe that every child in Indiana deserves a “Day Early Learning-like” experience. A rising tide lifts all boats. So, as a city and state, we need to ensure that every child is reaching is full potential. We are excited to work with parents and programs across the state in the coming years to elevate the education young Hoosiers.

We are also excited to see the City of Indianapolis, the State of Indiana and our community’s corporate and philanthropic leaders advocate for and invest in early childhood education. We have a longstanding partnership with United Way and other charitable organizations that help provide scholarship funding for families who cannot afford to attend one of our centers. Now, more resources will be available for these children and more families will be served. More children will attend high-quality preschool at Day Early Learning centers and other quality programs. Everyone has a role in advocating for a better early education for their children and all children. The tide is rising for young children in Indiana. Early Learning Indiana, our families and our partners are on the crest of that wave. Thank you for joining us!

Ted Maple, President & CEO

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