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Preparing for severe weather

federal-tornado-drill-3-18-09Governor Mitch Daniels designated this week (March 15-21) Severe Weather Preparedness Week in Indiana. Yesterday many schools and businesses practiced the drill they would use in case of severe weather. At Day Nursery, yesterday’s drill was a bit different from the fire drills we are required to practice each month since we stayed inside the building. Thanks to Sarah Parks, director at our Federal Center, for sharing a snapshot of her drill. You may wonder how we can quickly move a classroom of small children who can’t yet walk or who are just toddling. In the event of an emergency, toddlers are loaded into buggies and wagons especially designed to securely move 4-6 children at one time. In the infant classrooms, we have one crib with heavy-duty wheels for every four babies. Each infant teacher loads up a crib with babies and quickly moves them out of the classroom. In the case of yesterday’s severe weather drill, the Federal babies moved into a large bathroom adjacent to their classroom, which has been designated their safe place. We hope you make time this week to talk to your own family about your personal evacuation plan.

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  1. Great article, but be *especially* careful on the stairs.

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