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Talking Turkey at Day Nursery

2009 Winner Lauren Dotsu of the Day Nursery Northwest Center

For the past five years, our Director of Development, Beth Rodriguez and I have collaborated with our teachers to send notes of thanks to our donors in the form of  hand print turkey art.  The first year we (very sincerely) believed that each donor had to receive an original piece of art.  In our enthusiasm for that idea, we didn’t think through how creative the preschoolers could be with feathers and glitter and we ended up with quite a few cards that were a bit too lumpy to mail.  Over the years we have refined the process a bit by scanning the artwork before making the card.  This works better for the post office and the child gets to keep their original artwork.  This year the preschoolers in Lee Ann Kidwell‘s class at the Day Nursery Clarian Center have been selected as our artistic team.  Here are a few shots of them making their creations.  Tomorrow I will start posting some of their turkey artwork and we will reveal which turkey was selected for the card later this week.

Making Handprint turkey cardsmaking handprint turkey cards

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