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Thanks Evelyn Croom for 22 years of service to Day Nursery

Last Friday evening, friends and family of Day Nursery Clarian Center cook Evelyn Croom gathered at the center for a retirement party.  During her 22 years of working for Day Nursery Evelyn worked at four locations including our (now closed) Northside and Wiles Centers, as well as our Ruth A. Lilly Center and our Clarian Center where she finished her tour of duty.  As you can see by these photos, Ms. Croom loves the color purple so Day Nursery Director of Curriculum Jesse McCloud, a long time friend of Evelyn’s,  decorated everything she could find with the color–including the cake (which, thank goodness, Ms. Croom didn’t have to bake for herself!). The guests went around the room sharing special memories of Evelyn.  Day Nursery Clarian Center Director Rene Withers said among other things, she will miss the potatoes and onions Ms. Croom used to make for the staff as a special breakfast treat.   Day Nursery Executive Director Carolyn Dederer presented her with a rolling suitcase and best wishes for many happy travels in her retirement.

Thanksgiving Family Lunch November 2009 at the Day Nursery Clarian Center: (L to R) Evelyn Croom, Dollie Smith, Jesse McCloud, Rene Withers

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  1. Day Nursery,

    Thank you all so much for the wonderful Retirement Party you gave for my Mom. She and her family are very appreciative for your thoughts, prayers and gifts to you have given her through the years. May God continue to bless Day Nursery and good luck finding a ‘Good Cook’ like my mom.

    Many Blessings to all,
    Darlene Treadwell

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