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The importance of parent-teacher conferences

Diane Taylor
Shirley Williams

In checking the Day Nursery center calendars, I noticed that parent-teacher conferences are going on this week and next at our Federal Center. Day Nursery conducts parent teacher conferences three times throughout the year. The schedule varies slightly by center but the usual timetable is during November/December, near the end of February and then again in May. I asked Patty Fisher, Day Nursery Director of Center Administration to explain the reasoning behind the multiple yearly meetings. “This allows the teachers to focus on the child’s interests, development needs and progress, and to develop strategies to ensure individualized teaching practices for the child. The teacher and the parent have these opportunities along with daily communication to be partners in the child’s early childhood education and builds positive relationships among the teachers and families.” Day Nursery teachers enjoy meeting with parents during conference time.  Two of the Federal Center’s preschool teachers shared their thoughts about the importance of these meetings. Ms. Diane Taylor, Preschool teacher with Day Nursery for 29 years says  “It gives teachers a chance to talk with parents about how their child is adjusting to the classroom, and a formal opportunity to talk about any areas we as teachers and parents should focus on with that particular child.  Finally, it really helps to further open the lines of communication between parents and teachers.” Ms. Shirley Williams, Pre-K teacher with Day Nursery for one year says “It gives parents and teachers a chance to get to know one another better, and sometimes opens the door for families to share more personal information with the teachers that will help the teacher understand their child better.  It also gives the parents a formal opportunity to ask questions maybe they didn’t have time to before, or didn’t think to ask before.  Finally it gives teachers an additional opportunity to go over different things relating to the classroom like different procedures—making sure the parents know where the children’s mailboxes are and different classroom routines.”  We hope you had an opportunity to sit down with your child’s teacher recently.  If you have not yet scheduled your appointment, please see your center director.

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