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Toy Action Guide published

Playing store at Ft. Harrison

The 9th Annual Toy Action Guide produced by TRUCE (Teachers Resisting Unhealthy Children’s Entertainment), a national organization of educators concerned about the impact of media and commercial culture on children, is out and it provides a list of toys and trends to avoid as well as toys of value. It is available free online at  One of TRUCE’s goals is to educate adults to provide children with toys and activities that promote healthy play and non-violent behavior at home and school.  This guide is in line with Day Nursery’s philosophy on the value of play. We believe that play is essential to children’s healthy development and learning. Every day in Day Nursery classrooms, children use play to actively construct knowledge, meet social/emotional needs, and acquire life skills.  Quality play experiences help children develop critical thinking, problem solving skills, curiosity, persistence, and creativity. Skills acquired during early childhood education time at Day Nursery contribute to a solid foundation for academic success in elementary school.

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