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Webinar Series: Supporting the health and wellbeing of providers, families and children

The next webinar is Tuesday, October 13.

Early education providers continue to serve on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic. In my role working with providers and communities across Indiana, a common theme is that everyone wants to meet the physical and mental health and wellbeing needs of the staff, children and families they serve. However, it’s not always easy in our current context. To help address these concerns, Early Learning Indiana and the Indiana Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics (INAAP) are hosting a three-part webinar series that brings experts together to talk about these issues.

During the first webinar’s Q&A session, I raised up questions sent in from programs across the state on the topic of forming and strengthening relationships between pediatricians and providers. The questions ranged from immunizations to paperwork difficulties to individual child development concerns. Across these diverse topics, the answers all led back to three key takeaways:

  • Early learning providers play a crucial role in the lives of the children they serve, and pediatricians are in awe of their commitment!
  • Immunizations protect us all. Providers can set the example with their staff. I am getting my flu shot for me and the children in my life. Are you?
  • Providers and pediatricians can work together to ensure that staff, children and families are healthy and supported – and we can help make that connection. If you’d like to be connected, to a local pediatrician partner, please complete this brief survey.

I can’t wait to learn more during our next webinar, Tuesday, October 13. Register now to join!

Natalie Brake serves as the director of community outreach and engagement for Early Learning Indiana.

Resources from the first webinar:

See the slides for the first webinar here.

Watch the video of the webinar below:

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