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We’re here for working parents

We just had a comment on the blog from a parent who was concerned for the safety of our staff and students because of our decision to open 6 of our 7 centers this morning. Day Nursery Chief Executive Officer Carolyn Dederer is out visiting centers this morning to check on our staff and wanted to respond to that comment. She wrote in an email “Our Center Directors tell their staff to use their best judgment in their commuting decisions. We are monitoring the weather and our staffing. The safety of our staff and families is always our first priority. Many parents are required to go to work and depend on us. If parents can stay home we ask them to consider keeping their families at home but we are here for the parents who do not have a choice and must come to work.”


  1. As two of those parents who is almost always required to go to work, we feel so lucky to be in a place who will care for our son when we have to brave the elements. There are so many things we love about Day Nursery, and this is just another thing to add to the list. Thank you for your dedication!

  2. Although I am fortunate enough to not have to go to work today and my job offers me the flexibility to make that choice I recognize that others do not! And for that, I appreciate the dedication and commitment Day Nursery Staff and Teachers have when it comes to taking care of our children! I am sure those parents who must go to work apprecitate it even more! And, being home all day with a two year old makes me really appreciate all the activites provided for her at Day Nursery IU Health Center–I certainly am not as well equiped at entertaining and teaching her as the teachers in Two’s 1!!

  3. I do understand the safety concern for the staff. I am also a healthcare worker and am required to work. I really, truly appreciate that Day Nursery offers reliable care-that is part of the reason we have continued to pay a little more to have our kids at Day Nursery than we would with some other centers.

    To the staff-be safe, and know that it’s not just the parents who have to work who appreciate your efforts. Those of us who have to work today have people who depend on us, too, and without you, we couldn’t be there for them.

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