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Wrapping up 2009

As we head into the new year, I am taking a few days off with my family but I got a new computer from Santa and I couldn’t resist doing a little bit of work to try out my new toy.  This past year has been a great year for Day Nursery and our blog.  In addition to being named to Indiana’s top blogs our second year in a row, our readership has grown steadily.  We finished the year with 14,682 visits!  This summer we opened a new center on Indy’s northwest side and we are very happy with the public’s response to this new location.

Last week I stopped by the Day Nursery Ruth A. Lilly Center to work on some plans for Ms. Annie Terry’s retirement party.  It was nap time so the building was pretty quiet but Center Director Shannon Garrity wanted to make sure I saw the artwork the preschool class was working on for Kwanzaa. The children had been learning about the seven principles of Kwanzaa with their teachers Eva Johnson and Judy Harrison.  The day I was there they were painting with the colors of Kwanzaa: green, black and red and making paper mats which symbolize the straw mats which are used at the family feast on December 31st.   The teachers had been discussing the principles of Unity and Self-Determination earlier that morning.  The teachers had captured some of the comments the children made about these principles and had posted them outside the classroom to share with the parents. Imani was quick to capture the concept of unity and said “Ms. Johnson, we are doing teamwork when we are cleaning up the block area.”  The children also had a good grasp of  principle #2 Kujichagulia (Self Determination).  Kamani said he had decided to play with his toys at home and Shawn made up his mind to play a game later with his sister.  Day Nursery preschool students proved again that little people are capable of grasping big ideas.

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