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Congratulations Miss Theresa

Theresa Jameson June 2009
Theresa Jameson June 2009

Meet Theresa Jameson. She is a preschool teacher at the Day Nursery in the Indiana State Government Center. She is also a recent college graduate. She just completed an Associate degree through the University of Phoenix. She has been working on this for three years. Theresa just moved into the Day Nursery State Center’s preschool 4 classroom after teaching toddlers. This summer 26 Day Nursery teachers are enrolled in classes. I am sure seeing Miss Theresa’s smiling face in that cap and gown will be an inspiration for them to keep pursuing their dream of higher education. Way to go Theresa!


  1. Thanks to everyone who cheered me on! Management, parents, my friends and family and my BFF!!!

  2. Congrats, now you can be on TV and do a commercial saying I am a Phoenix.

  3. CONGRATULATIONS!!! You rock!

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