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Friday Feature: Day Nursery Guion Road Center

Mixing up the chocolate to make "dirt" pudding
Mixing up the chocolate to make “dirt” pudding

I thought I would take the next few Fridays and feature a different Day Nursery center each week.  I am going to start at our “Guion Road” center on Indy’s northwest side just east of the intersection of 56th and Guion Road.  Marla Segal is the Center Director and Shannon Taylor is the office manager. Day Nursery acquired this center in the summer of 2003.  In August of this year, this center is moving a bit farther northwest to a new location on 73rd Street near Zionsville Road.  Our future home in the Park 100 complex will be larger than our current location and will have 3 more classrooms.   All students currently enrolled will have a space in the new center and we have already started a waiting list for parents interested in joining us in August when we move.  The only way to guarantee a space in the new center is to enroll in our current location now.  Call Marla or Shannon for more information at 291-8048. While our new center is being renovated, the children are keeping busy with many fun summer activities.  Here are some pictures provided by preschool teachers Ms. Johnslynn and Ms. Robin. This week’s theme is “Muddy Puddles, Soap and Bubbles.”  You can click on the photos below to see a larger version.

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