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Your reaction during doctor visits affects your child’s pain level

shotIf you are a parent of a child under three, I would like to suggest you sign up for a great email newsletter produced by  The publication is called “From Baby to Big Kid” and it is designed to give parents monthly science-based information linked to the age of their child.   For example, February’s info for parents shared that researchers found that 4- and 6-month-old babies whose parents sang, joked and talked with them during vaccinations cried the least and showed less intense pain expressions than babies whose parents did none of the above. Interestingly, babies’ distress seemed to increase when parents apologized for the immunization or tried to reassure their little ones. Even at just four months, your baby is responding to your facial expressions, tone of voice, and other “signals” you’re sending.  When you act worried, your baby may sense this and become stressed too.  When you are calm, your baby is more likely to be calm. The monthly newsletter also includes items like “What to expect from your babies development” and “Let’s Play,” which offers activities to nuture your baby’s development and her connection to you.  Follow this link to sign up for “From Baby to Big Kid” today.


  1. Useful information for parents. Parents need advice for children. Thank you for having shared this with us.

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